"You won't get away with this T'Ungus! Max will defeat you! I know he will!"
—Chloe to T'Ungus

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Full Name
Warble Tomb Killer
T'Ungus, The Unseen Shape-Shifter, Brown Menace, Muscle Killer
The Secret Life of Pets (2016)
Monster, Fearmonger, Bond Destroyer, Animal Murderer
Powers / Skills
Enhanced Roar, Darkness Manipulation, Tentacle Extension, Fire Mimicry
Cause total chaos, Framed innocent pets, Assemble rogue and/or abandoned pets
To complete his “Flushed Pets” Army, To Kill Max and Snowball (all failed)
Type of Villain
Complete Monster / The Heavy / Bigger Bad / Clawed Villain / Comedic Villain / Empowered Villain

T'Ungus is the main antagonist of the 2016 Illumination Entertainment movie The Secret Life of Pets. He is Snowball's (former) boss, and the one responsible for all the events in the movie. Although being a fan-character, he is imagined to be voiced by Ice Cube.

Bio[edit | edit source]

T'Ungus is a malicious, intelligent, sadistic tuatara who specializes in rare superhuman abilities of other animals. He has two goals in common: his primary goal is to become the most powerful ruler of the flushed lets the world would see, whilst his secondary goal is forcing pets to follow his orders. Even if he has to hurt them to get them to work forcefully.

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